Sacher Lab: News

March 2019: Ana and Khashayar were both recipients of a competitive CUSRA award. They will be joining the lab over the coming summer to conduct research projects. Congratulations!

March 2019: Daniela's paper on the role of TRAPPC11 and other TRAPP III components in autophagy has been accepted in Traffic. Congratualtions!

May 2018: Congratulations to Yitzchok who was selected as a valedictorian in the Faculty of Arts and Science at this spring's convocation! Profiled here and his valedictorian address is here. Yitzchok was also named the inaugural recipient of the Berti Farag Science award for his BIOL490 project. Good luck in McGill Medical School next fall!

May 2018: A paper describing two individuals, one with a TRAPPC11 mutation, was recently accepted. This paper is the first to show hypoglycosylation of alpha-dystroglycan in an individual with a TRAPPC11 mutation.

January 2018: Hashem Almousa has joined the lab as a M.Sc. student. Welcome!

September 2017: We welcome Mischa Weissenberg and Yitchok Ahisar, two BIOL490 students in the lab.

May 2017: A paper describing the first known individuals with a TRAPPC12 mutation was accepted in AJHG. Congratualtions Miroslav!

October 2016: Congratulations to Qingchuan on successfully defending her M.Sc. thesis. Best of luck as you move on to your Ph.D.

January 2016A recent paper involving the lab suggests that TRAPPC11 is unexpectedly involved in protein glycosylation.

October 2015: The lab was thrilled to find out that Dr. Stephanie Brunet was recognized as the Fall 2015 Valedictorian for the Faculty of Arts and Science!! Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! See her valedictorian speech here.

September 2015: Alexandra Peebles has joined the lab as a M.Sc. student. Alexandra is an alumna of the Biology Department.

March 2015: Congratulations to Miroslav who spearheaded the work on the role of TRAMM (previously known as TrappC12) in mitosis. The paper has now been accepted for publication in the Journal of Cell Biology! The paper was also highlighted in the journal.

September 2014: Qinqchuan Zhao joins the lab all the way from China as the newest graduate student.

May 2014: Welcome to Keshika Prematilake who joins the lab to pursue her graduate studies.

March 2014: Miroslav was awarded a GRASP postdoctoral fellowship for two years. He will continue to pursue his work on mitosis and the link to membrane traffic. Congratulations!

February 2014: Congratulations to Nassim (aka Dr. Shahrzad) upon successfully defending her PhD thesis! The committee commented positively on the quality of the written thesis, the presentation and her ability to handle the questions posed to her. Nassim has the distinction of being the first PhD student to come out of the lab.

July 2013: Two new publications from the lab show that (i) the foie gras domain of TRAPPC11 functions in post-Golgi traffic and is linked to human health, and (ii) an SEDT-causing mutation in the yeast protein Trs20p blocks autophagy. Congratulations to Stephanie and Nassim, first authors on the papers!

May 2013: Clenia Azevedo, an exchange student from Brazil, joins the lab as a summer student.

Stephanie Brunet was an invited speaker at the recent ASBMB symposium "The multitasking endoplasmic reticulum in health and disease", May 1-4, 2013, in Virginia. She discussed her recent findings regarding a yeast trs20 mutation.

January 2013: Sary Snounou is the most recent addition to the lab. He joins us as an M.Sc. student.

September 2012: Two new members have joined the lab: Daniela Stanga joins as a Ph.D. student and Hartley Dutczak is the newest Biol490 student.

June 2012: Congratulations to Debora upon successfully defending her MSc thesis work. Her studies involved the characterization of two mammalian TRAPP-interacting proteins.

May 2012: Visit us in our new lab, SP-436!

Transformations - Benedeta Hasaj joins the lab as an M.Sc. student after nearly one year as a research assistant. Annika Seddon will be working as an NSERC summer research student.

April 2012: There is one opening for a BIOL490 honours student for either summer or fall 2012. Contact Dr. Sacher for details.

I am accepting a new graduate student for Fall 2012. Interested candidates should Contact Dr. Sacher explaining their interest in the lab, submit recent transcripts and provide 2 letters of recommendation.

Feb. 2012: A new publication led by Stephanie Brunet questions the existence of 3 TRAPP complexes in yeast.

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