Sacher Lab: Image and movie gallery

VIDEO 1 - TRAPP core complex
The video shows the single particle electron microscopic model of the core of the TRAPP complexes. The dimensions of the complex are 180 x 65 x50 angstroms. The subunits were docked into the EM map and are coloured as follows:  Bet3, blue; Trs33, gray; Bet5, light pink; Trs23, pink; Trs31, cyan; Trs20, purple.
VIDEO 2 - TRAPPC12 knockdown
Knockdown of TRAPPC12 interferes with proper mitosis. In the video below, a field of HeLa cells was imaged over a 20 hour period. As cells enter mitosis, notice the non-congressed chromosomes remaining at the spindle poles. This activates the spindle assembly checkpoint, preventing mitosis from progressing further.


VIDEO 3 - VSVG-GFP trafficking
A temperature-sensitive version of VSVG linked to green fluorescent protein (GFP) was transfected into human fibroblasts. Upon shifting the temperature down, the protein is released from the endoplasmic reticulum (diffuse staining at the strat of the movie) and accumulates in the perinuclear Golgi within minutes. At later times, one can visualize release of the protein from the Golgi in membrane-bound carriers as it traffics to the cell surface. Time in hr:min is shown.

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